Thursday, May 3, 2007

Software: Second Life

I've had an account for quite some time, I don't remember my birthday off the top of my head but it was in mid 2006. I guess I've really not been there from the beginning, but I know one thing is for sure, I am still a n00b. I can admit it, but I will blame my video card.

My tablet was not designed to be a powerhouse gaming computer but Second Life still runs alright on my computer. My computer has a score of 3.1 under Vista for gaming graphics but I have noticed some imporvements in the game since I doubled my RAM to 2 GB. I have a shared graphics memory, up to 256 MB, but I went back down to 128 to try and fix some problems, and the new RAM I installed is of faster speed. The game does crash every now and then. However, my main problem is textures just going to solid black. This makes the game impossible to play because slowly everything blends in together. Luckily, restarting the game fixes the problem. I have been playing with some settings and I might have solved the problem.

Back to the actual game. I don't know if I want to reveal my name in this post, although it would not really matter, I am not online very often. However, I am trying to learn the inner workings of the game. I have listened to several episodes of The Traveling Avatar in hopes of expanding my knowledge about my second life. Some of them were really good. However, it has yet to be seen if it has actually improved my ability to manage my second life.

I really have not done much in the game besides wast the money that was given to me when you make an account. I don't own land, I haven't put my own money into the game (until recently and it was not that much), and I haven't made money. I really do need to get around to learning how to start turning a profit.

One of the things I plan on doing over the next week is making my avatar look more like me and have a little more customization to it. Right now it is almost the default except for a few things I have changed. Overall, I look like a bum. Hopefully, after I spend some time working on it, I will eventually post a picture of my avatar here.

Cassie has spent more time working on her avatar and she looks a lot better than me. Her hair still needs more work but she has been shopping around to solve that. She even has different outfits that all look really good on her avatar. I just have a plain white shirt. Maybe I'll get around to making some custom clothing here during my short break.

I'm glad I finally have some time to relax.

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