Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Software: Joost goes live, gets unlimited invites

Following a limited trial run, Joost today announced that it had officially launched its self-titled Internet TV service. While still in late beta, the peer-to-peer TV network is now said to be in full business and is said to have high-profile ads already lined up to appear this month, including segments from Coca-Cola and...

Apparently I have unlimited invites for Joost now, although it still only lists that I have two, and I just installed the latest version. This was definitely exciting enough news for me to post right away!

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UPDATE: Just kidding, apparently Joost has not opened up the system yet as I almost mentioned earlier by saying I still only had two invites. I'll be sure to post on this topic again shortly to clarify the confusion.


jimbo said...

Hey Jared:
Does this Joost tv stream well. It sounds pretty cool. I have been waiting for about 10 years for something like this to come along. I travel alot because of work and it's just not practical for me to pay for cable, but I guess the is portable (laptop) as long as I can use my aircard right? Anyway if you have a extra invite I sure would like to check this out.
see ya later, jimbo

Unknown said...

It does stream well except for some jitters which are to be expected for an open beta like this. This service will likely change the face of media as we know it (hopefully).

Also, for me to send you a beta invite I need your email address.

jimbo said...


Unknown said...

I sent the invite!

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