Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Free Cell Under Vista - Accept or Deny

I haven't really played the built in games in Vista very much, but I did finally get round to playing my favorite of the lot, Free Cell. I do remember when I first installed I couldn't find any of the built in games. Eventually I discovered that they needed to be "installed" under one of the obscure panels in the control panel.

The rules of Free Cell are simple, but I'm not going to explain them here. The funny part of the new version is the dialog box that appears when you attempt to move a stack of cards into an empty slot.

It looks oddly familiar. I really think I have seen this dialog box before. Here is a close up of the Free Cell prompt followed by a prompt about connecting to a wireless network.

This is a Game

This is Actually Important

I guess this is just the new style of asking the user to make decisions. It is just humorous that it looks almost identical no matter if you're in a game or actually managing the system.

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