Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Jared Blog: Spanish Edition

I've been getting a lot of Spanish speaking visitors asking for Joost invites so I decided to do something a little strange.

In an earlier post (Internet: Yahoo Pipes and Facebook) I talked about the Yahoo! Pipes service. Just to play around with the service I decided to take advantage of the BableFish module.

Here is the link to the A Jared Blog - Spanish RSS Feed and a link to the A Jared Blog - Spanish Pipe I made. It does translate my RSS feed but it is having some problems. I'll elaborate. The RSS feed that is being imported into the pipe includes a rather large amount of text; it includes the last 25 posts in their entirety. This information is then piped through a truncate module that reduces the number of posts down to 10. Then the feed is piped through the English to Spanish translator.

There is one major problem with this pipe. It doesn't work. Well, it does work, but it doesn't translate everything. I am thinking there is some limit on the amount of text that can be translated and I am surpassing it. Also, the entries seem to be translated in random order. I also have trouble getting the XML version of the RSS feed to display.

I decided to post this anyway because I thought it was an interesting use of technology. Granted, the translation is going to be spotty because it is done by a computer, but it just shows how powerful the internet has become. Maybe Yahoo! Pipes is just under heavy load at the moment and it will start working better after some time.

If anyone ever uses it tell me if it works or not. I really like the Yahoo! Pipes service and think as it expands its features will become a very common service to use on the net.

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