Saturday, May 19, 2007

Internet Radio on Deathbed

This is just a short blurb about the fate of internet radio. A while back, the royalty oversight committee passed a resolution that will completely destroy internet ratio.

Now I don't listen to internet radio very often, ironically I only listen to classical music while working on homework. I've known about this problem for some time now but I though since I have a blog why not give the cause a link.

It is important to get involved, the end of internet radio is in sight and this is a very big problem.

Just a quick description of the problem: Basically, the royalties to play a song on the internet are now charged per song per listener retroactive for one year. This is a huge amount of money for some stations, especially the ones that are non profit broadcasters which will be forced to file for bankruptcy. This is completely unjust to make the internet radio rules completely in opposition to the "normal" radio set of rules. Ironically, you can still broadcast internet radio if you have a "real" radio station associated with it.

I don't understand why the people in charge of music in this country DON'T want people listening to the music they represent!

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