Friday, May 25, 2007

Jimmy Wales on Colbert Report

"It is the first place I go when I am looking for knowledge or when I want to create some." - Colbert

Not that I am going to make it a habit to start posting videos on my blog, but this was just too tempting. Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia was on the Report. This was just classic, especially because of the influence Colbert has on Wikipedia through fans. The incident about elephant populations comes to mind (and it is mentioned in the clip).

It is a really great interview, I only wish it could have lasted longer. Wales did a great job handling Colbert's character. Too bad it didn't go further and mention other projects Wales is working on. Although there is not much hard information in the interview, it is interesting to hear Colbert talk about Wikipedia. Also, as a byproduct of this interview, many Wikipedia pages will be under constant assault from Colbert fans. (Although those same pages will probably be quickly locked by other fans who have a little more integrity for the system.)

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