Monday, May 28, 2007

Dicewars: Better Than Risk?

I found this on WiiArcade (a great website for flash based games that work on the Wii browser). Dicewars is basically a simple version of Risk. The concept is that a map is randomly generated and then dice are placed on the board. You get to pick your number of enemies (between 2 and 8 total players). However, this is only a single human player game.

The game play is very simple and mostly automated. Basically, you select one of your piles of dice and attack a neighbor. The two piles roll all of the dice (the piles are capped at 8) and if the attacking player has a higher number they get the property and move all of their dice (except one) into the land they conquered. It is typicall not a smart move to attack a pile that is larger than yours. Equal piles are a little under half the odds but smaller piles are almost always a good bet of winning. After a player ends his turn they get additional dice equal to the number of connected properties they have.

This results in several different strategies. The most important aspect of the game is to connect all of your properties each and every turn. It would probably also be important to note that you play as the purple/blue player (depending on your screen). The strategy I typically use is to try and be aggressive enough to take the best area of land, typically a corner or long strait, and then defend my borders. I do this by paying attention to where I attack to form the fewest number of enemies until I build up enough forces. Also, I typically try to avoid enemies who are much more powerful. It is not a good decision to attack a area, even if it is an easy win if you will "invite" the enemy to attack land that you need to help reinforce.

I'll also note that the above is a picture, not the actual game if I confuse anyone.

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