Tuesday, May 22, 2007

iTunes is Evil and Blogger is Broken

I spent about an hour, although it was off and on, writing an entry about Tablet PC operating systems. Mainly, it was comparing Windows XP and Windows Vista. I had about 5 paragraphs written when I remembered that I had yet to download TWiT using iTunes. Sill me, I launched iTunes. For the first time (without playing a video podcast) it blue screened.

On a related note, I have since uninstalled and reinstalled iTunes (with a reboot in the middle) and still am getting blue screens.

No worry about my blog entry, right? Blogger just IMPROVED their draft and auto-save function. (Auto-savory Blogger Posting)

Guess what, the draft didn't save. In Blogger's defense, it did save my first sentence that I wrote when I started writing. It was definitely in the post for very long because I revised it several times. I'm not sure who to blame though. I could blame Apple for not having iTunes work on my computer. I could blame Blogger for not having the draft feature work. However, I could also blame Firefox because I think it was the session restore feature that really messed with blogger.

I am not happy in that my post wasn't even listed as a draft under my Edit Posts tab. Hopefully they get this fixed. In the mean time, I think I'll keep iTunes closed (sadly).

(Sorry about the colors and formatting. I needed something to occupy my time since I lost my earlier post.)

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