Tuesday, May 29, 2007

New Speed News Editor & Tablet PCs

I thought it seemed appropriate that I post at least a small bit about me becoming the new Speed News Editor. I just stepped into the position and am working frantically to get out my first edition. It is definitely going to be a lot of work but I think I am up to the challenge.

One of my first orders of business is getting a WordPress installed on the school's server. I do note the irony because I use Blogger for my personal blog. The website for Speed School Student Council will have copies posted of each edition I release. Also, I plan to use the blog to post smaller articles (more frequently). One of the first orders of business is to get some information about Tablet PCs from the prospective of students posted.

Good thing this is being imported into Facebook because I have a request for those who I tagged in this message and anyone else who may have a tablet who I forgot to tag or is not my friend on Facebook.

If you could get some type of write up, just a few paragraphs, about how you use a tablet, problems you faced, and general tips. It would be nice to have this from as many people as possible so they could all be posted on the website (which doesn't exist yet) to help those incoming freshman.

It would be nice to have what exact tablet you have, what classes you have used it in, and just any other information you think would be helpful.

There is no rush but it would be great if any of you could contact me and tell me if you will be able to do this. I'll post more information once things start falling into place.

One of my goals is to increase the online aspect of Speed News and if anyone has any suggestions it would be awesome if they could send them to me.

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