Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Cingular has left the Cell Phone

This is old news but it has finally seem official to me. My cell phone screen no longer reads Cingular, it now reads at&t. I hardely ever turn my phone on and off but after I power cycled it today, the text above the date on my Motorola SLVR. now reads "AT&T." I am not quite sure what to think of this. I was very happy with my Cingular service, but now I hope the quality of the service does not dramatically change now that they are rebranded.

The irony in this (if you look closely at my above paragraph) is my phone reads AT&T in all capital letters. This because at&t now use all lowercase for their logo. This is best described by a picture I found on Wikipedias's page about at&t:

Some of my friends joked about how AT&T is basically T-1000 off of the movie Terminator 2: it doesn't matter how many small pieces it is broken into, it will slowly reform more powerful than ever.

The only problem with the above graph is that it does not include Cingular and at&t's complicated business relationship. I think that would be hard to express in a graphic without including some form of abstract art.

<sarcasm>The only thing left for at&t to do is come in the middle of the night and replace my battery cover that has the Cingular logo still on it. If they don't do that, they might just start mailing out batter cover replacements with the new logo on for free.</sarcasm>

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Interesting observations!

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