Tuesday, May 1, 2007

One Week Ago

It was now one week ago that I started my Blog. Amazing, I actually have kept it up for a solid week. Who would have thought my attention span would last this long. ;) This will be my 15th published post. I have a few that I have been working on that are not published yet. Maybe this wasn't such a bad idea after all.

I know I don't really have anyone reading my blog yet, but that really doesn't bother me. My blog is still really new and I am trying to find my place on the internet. I have published websites before, but they have always been for a specific organization that I was involved in. This is my first time really putting something out there that revolved around myself.

I guess one of the main things I plan on posting about (and I already have posted several entries about) is technology. Now, that really doesn't narrow down the topic much, does it. Specifically, I'll probably be posting about my interests which range from listening to podcasts to beta testing new software. Also, if I ever get back into it with my classes or just as a hobby, I'll probably be posting a little about computer programming. Maybe I'll eventually even post some code that I have written. I know I typically search the internet for examples on how things are implemented before I experiment on my own. I also have some code that, a long time ago, I developed in PHP that I would like to publish. I currently can write in PHP, Java, C, and C++ although I have written in VB once.

Other things I would like to post about would have to be old projects that I have worked on. I have modified a computer case, built an arcade, and wired the basement of my parent's house for Ethernet. (This is the point where I should mention that Cassie helped me with all of these projects. If I didn't she would probably remind me that she did.) I am sure there are other projects I will be doing in the future that I will post about too.

I also have been a photographer (by hobby) for a few years and would like to post some of my old pictures and definitely take some new ones that I could put up. This is probably a dream though because of the amount of time it would take. Even though summer is here, I have summer classes and I will still be busy.

I also know I will be posting some about just random personal things that come up that I feel so inclined to write about. Also, I'll be sure to talk about Cassie some (especially her blog). I know that this Friday night (May 4) I'll be posting about the Spiderman 3 movie after I get back from watching it. I can't wait for that!

One week down. I guess I'll give another update after a month. I'll put that in my Outlook tasks right now.

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