Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The State of Development

I have been doing quite a bit of development lately, and since most of what I do is open source I thought I would provide some type of update. I have managed to keep up development on some of my projects, but others have not received any attention.

Development on this project essentially stopped after the spring semester was over. (Such is the development cycle of a capstone project.) However, Card Surface is a fairly functional application that is actually playable. While it is not a fully polished project, it does work. Version 0.0.3 is available for download and includes Blackjack. I am not sure what is in store for the future of this game, but I am very proud of the work that we have done.

This is the most active project that I have been working on lately as the deadline for papers submitted to WIPTE 2010 quickly approaches. My focus has been on two new components. The first is a complete rewrite of the deserialization method used to ready DyKnow files. My new approach directly maps the XML components into properties in classes and uses the built in Microsoft serialization functions. I have also created a collection of unit tests to validate the accuracy of my implementation on a variety of DyKnow files. The new application I have been working on is DPX Grader which is a new program that reads in and analyzes graded student work. DPX Grader is able to recognize text and output a CSV file. This new application is the focus of my paper that I will submit to WIPTE.

This project has mostly been at a stand still since I announced it on my blog. It is installed on SSSC's server, but has not been used yet. Hopefully it finds some use in the new fiscal year.

Two main improvements have been made to Seeker recently. The first is a modification to the assignment algorithm that increased the previous contract restriction from one to four. This means you can't have a contract on someone that you have had a contract on for your last four contracts. The other improvement was to the leaderboard. The monthly and semesterly leaderboards are now able for each month and semester respectively.

There really has not been any work on this tool recently. My plan is to try to submit improvements to this tool as a capstone project for the CECS department this fall. It may be a long shot, but there are a large number of improvements that need to be made and the generalization of some components and the removal of some of the views needs to completed.

This tool has had no major development recently other than the release of version of the application. There are a number of outstanding issues for this project and several improvements that could be made, but this is not high on my todo list.

This is my first attempt at an Android application and is very early in the development cycle. I was very actively developing this application and learning about the Android SDK up until the start of the summer semester. I hope to resume development when I find some free time. This is also my first project that is hosted at GitHub.

What is Next?
There is one new application that I will start development on in the next two months. SSSC is hosting the 2011 NAESC National Conference and a website to manage the registration needs to be developed. While PHP & MySQL is my obvious choice for developing a web application, I have been taking a look at Google App Engine as a possibility. This is likely not going to be a big project and will have a very focused goal, but it will definitely be open source.

Back to work...

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