Saturday, June 28, 2008

Podcamp Ohio Update

So far the day at Podcamp Ohio has been informative. The first session I went to was on editing video under Linux. I probably won't be moving to Linux any time soon but it was something that really made me rethink some of the ways I've been going about thigs. It definitely convinced me that I want to record our audio using outside of our camera.

Right now I'm in a session on Twitter. I don't think I will learn anything new, but it is nice being in a room with other people who are into the whole web 2.0 thing and new media.

I've been having trouble getting on the internet so far. It seems that all of the Mac users aren't having as much trouble as the windows users. I already removed my OpenDNS settings and disabled IPV6. Luckily someone set up a wireless network that works. I probably won't be able to update as much as on my blog but will be Twittering all day: @jjhat1

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