Sunday, June 8, 2008

Internet Maintenance

There is a big difference between being in classes full time and being on co-op working a full time job. During normal classes I'm always on my favorite websites in-between classes and keeping up-to-date on all of my important things. Yes, I admit to having email notifications on during class, but I only ever check my email if I noticed an important notification.

I have found it really hard to keep up with my Google Reader. I subscribe to a TON of feeds and it wasn't uncommon for the past few weeks for me to have over 1000 items unread. Now, I've removed some things from my reader and it seems like things aren't as bad as they were for a bit.

I also had some time the past few days and managed to go through my Facebook account and put my friends into group and add some restrictions on those people who I am just acquaintances with. Apparently it is rude to say no to someone when they try to friend you, but many of the people I have on Facebook I will likely never talk to again.

I even managed to get through some backlogged banking and file maintenance the past few days. I really feel like I am up to date. The thing about this is, all of my important documents are on my Tablet and not on my desktop (don't worry, they are encrypted... twice) and I only feel like I have things up-to-date when I also feel like I've been using my Tablet a lot. I guess that is just intrinsic to where the files are stored.

On another random note, I have started using Twitter via my cell phone. This is mainly because my cell phone plan was bumped up to unlimited texting because my younger brother doesn't know how to not go over. I now have a significantly higher volume of text messages sent to my cell phone. They are mainly from Facebook, my bank, and Twitter. I haven't really got into the habit of texting other humans except for Cassie.

I was meaning to update STUG's website theme this weekend but that just proved to be too intimidating of a task for me to undertake. I will try to break it into smaller goals and see if I can't make some progress. I just wish FireBug was compatible with Firefox 3.

I guess that about raps up my fairly random blog post. I've been meaning to post more but things are just so crazy it is hard to get to every thing I want to do each day.

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