Sunday, June 22, 2008

Everything Spore

I've been waiting for Spore to be released for what seems like years now. I think I discovered it fairly early and watched all of the long form videos demoing the entire concept. I honestly built my current desktop with the requirement of being able to run Spore and not really anything else.

I have already purchased the creature creator and have pre-ordered Spore which comes out on September 7, 2008. It was the digital download through EA so I'll be happily downloading it the day it is released.

In the mean time, I have been, along with Cassie, having a blast making a wide variety of creatures. Spore is really clever in that it stores the creatures you make as tiny little images. So, just for fun I've posted a few of my favorites on this post. If you have the creature creator you can just download these images and load them into the game and you'll be able to interact and edit them! As a programmer I have to admit this concept is amazing. Having all of the information to render the creature stored in an image that actually looks like the creature is bringing the usability of this game down to a level that everyone can appreciate.

This is my version of a T-Rex:

And this is Cassie's version:

Mine looks like it is off of Meet the Robinsons and hers looks more like it is off of Toy Story.

This is another one of Cassie's creations. It is a rendition of Gizmo off of Gremlins.

I have uploaded a lot of the creatures I have made to Sporepedia and they can all be seen on my spore page. If I get the time I'll blog a little more about the different creatures I've attempted to make and the much better ones that Cassie has made.

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