Saturday, June 28, 2008

Podcamp Ohio Update 2

So what has happened at @podcampohio so far? Well, I just ate lunch and the rest of the day looks like it will be filled with a bunch of sessions that will be very useful. The biggest problem is that most of the sessions I want to attend are overlapping each other.

I just ran a Speed Test on the internet here and it doesn't look like I'll be uploading anything here. I'll have to wait till I get back to my apartment tonight. I really wanted to get at least a picture or two posted but it look like the pipes just can take the number of people here.

I definitely have some plans for the future. It mostly consists of spending money which isn't that exciting. Travis has the plan of starting an audio podcast. I have no problems with that as long as he does all of the editing. Editing a video podcast is enough work as is, I really don't need to do that much more. Spending an hour each week just talking isn't going to take up that much of my time.

At a new media conference one would hope that you would be able to upload some media to the internet, but as it looks now I'll be uploading all night long.

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