Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Why is my hard drive full?

I've always been a file pack rat... I'm also a hard drive pack rat but I never seem to have enough space to store all of my documents. A long time ago (I'm talking several years back) I found a program that would produce nice looking graphs telling what was taking up all of the space on your hard drive. It included useful breakdowns to identify large files and folders that could possibly be moved elsewhere to save space.

I looked at my podcast download for the day and rediscovered this old application that I couldn't remember the name of:

The name of the program is JDiskReport and it is a very small, free, download.

My laptop tends to have a full hard drive no matter what I do. I've even unloaded all of my music and podcasts onto my desktop and still can't manage to get more than 20 GB free.

The interface is very interactive and it is easy to figure out what folders or sub folders have large files in them.

Also, there are different types of breakdowns. According to the above graph I have way too many pictures on my computer. I think I'm going to move them all to my desktop and free up quite a bit of room on my laptop.

JDiskReport is an awesome program and definitely helps track file usage and save space.

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