Monday, March 17, 2008

UofL Wireless Changes

I'm really happy that UofL finally has improved the wireless setup. I was afraid that it wasn't going to work on my first day back after spring break, but I sat down, connected to ulsecure, typed in my user name and password, and it just worked. The new solution is client-less meaning everyone who simply shows up on campus with a Vista computer can simply connect without installing anything (assuming they have a user name and password).

However, I was surprised about one aspect of the wireless setup. From what I could gather from the scattered documentation I was expecting the encryption to be WPA. They were using an old variant of WEP that was not any normal standard. As a result it was hard to set up wireless on almost any operating system other than Windows XP.

To my surprise, the encryption was WPA2. I can say that I'm really happy of the increase in the security level by moving from a totally broken encryption scheme to a currently unbreakable encryption scheme.

I will probably be making a Tablet Tips screen cast episode that explains how to connect to the wireless network. Amazingly, the university already has screen casts posted on their website explaining how to connect.

The only thing I'm still worried about is being able to connect from all of my classrooms. As long as I have access in all of my classrooms I'll be really happy with all of the changes that they made.

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