Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Audio Link for Mazda6

I drive a Mazda6 and have always been annoyed that I didn't have an AUX port on my radio. I have a Zune, not an iPod, so my options are a little limited. If I had an iPod, I would have been able to integrate it into the controls that are located on my steering wheel and charge it while it played. While I will admit I would have liked those features, I still prefer my Zune over an iPod.

I purchased the Audio Link USB MP3 Player Integration Kit for Mazda. I mainly use this for the AUX port, but it does have the ability to play MP3s off of a flash drive or memory card. Since I'm such a podcast addict I'll probably stick to using the AUX port and my Zune. Also, my podcast addiction requires me to sync several times a day and this keeps my Zune charged so I haven't had any battery problems yet. I may try and making a custom cord to charge my Zune (or other USB device) using the USB port for the MP3 player, but that is for another post.

I would not have been willing to undertake disassembling half of the interior of my car if there wasn't a useful video demonstrating the process: HowdUDoThat: Audiolink IPod/MP3 Adapter Installation for Mazda 6 courtesy of the Tech Doctor. I should probably note I didn't use the same adapter that is in the Tech Doctor's video. As I mentioned earlier, I didn't use the iPod adapter. However, the basic process is demonstrated and I was able to get the job done.

It wasn't the easiest install, but it didn't take very long. Removing the cup holder in the center console was the first obstacle. I managed to unsnap every clip except for one pesky clip. I eventually ended up cracking a small part of the plastic while removing it. After examining it I noticed it wasn't well enforced and I could see why it failed. Luckily, the crack is under the holder and is not visible. It didn't really make a difference and was easily repaired.

The second obstacle was removing the head unit in my Mazda 6. I removed the screws at the bottom and the bolt that is accessed through the glove box, but it wasn't moving. It took two people pulling and pushing to finally get it to budge. It really took a large amount of force to unsnap the six snaps along the edges. Once it was loose I was able to route the wire, plug in the connection and it was working in no time.

Overall, I'm really happy to have an AUX port. While it was a little depressing to note that my mom's new car simply came with a built in AUX port. I'm also fairly certain that most newer cars are coming with AUX ports. However, I feel accomplished having to install this port myself.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful idea!

Anonymous said...

Hey, where did the tech doctor go? I saw this video about the same time you posted this blog and now that I have the audio link for my Mazdaspeed 6 all the links to howdudothat are inactive. Any ideas?

Anonymous said...


Tech Doctor Video of the entire process.

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