Sunday, June 17, 2007

Take that Gmail - Yahoo! Storage Now Unlimited

I'll probably never hear the end of it from some of my friends. I have used Yahoo! Mail for a very long time and probably have over 20 different email addresses that all get sent to the same mail box. Many of my friends use Gmail like their life depended on being overly loyal to Google. ;)

Granted, I use some Google products. (Hello, this is Blogger!) I also have a YouTube account. I have tried Google Docs but I can not stand it. I prefer ThinkFree's interface but I'm just not ready to move my documents to the internet. I blame the fact I use a tablet. I also use Google Analytics and Google Adsense. I was also forced to install Google Talk because of SSSC.

Back to my main point. Yahoo! has announced that they were going to unlimited storage but now it is actually part of the interface. Just to be funny, Yahoo! made a graphic of a broken storage meter and a note that the storage is now unlimited where the meter once was.

I'm really happy that Yahoo! finally decided to go with unlimited storage. At least it is one thing they have over Gmail. Also, since I was a paying user of Yahoo! Mail I don't have ads so the interface looks really clean. I may eventually change to using Gmail but it is going to take something major for me to make the move.


Travis said...

Wait... You /pay/ for Yahoo! Mail? Blasphemy!

There went every single scrap of argument you had in mine eyes :P.

Unknown said...

Let me put it this way: a long time ago I paid for Yahoo! Mail. It gave a bunch of super awesome features that are now free. I no longer pay for it because, well, the features are all free now. However, I'm still under that paid account so no advertisements for me!

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