Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Rocketboom adds Facebook Application

I will admit, I am a little excited about this.  In the latest episode of Rocketboom (June 20, 2007), right at the very end, they snuck in the fact they have a Facebook app.  Basically, it is just a player that displays the shows and you can cycle back through old episodes.  It is really simple, but I'll probably try and watch it on there from now on.

One of the best things about Rocketboom (and new media in general compared to old media) is the number of ways you can watch it.  You have the web site, YouTube (and other similar service), iTunes, and now even Facebook!  It is really impressive how wide spread the episodes are.  They probably spend quite a while propagating each episode to all of the different services.

The quality looked nice in the player, although it takes a little longer to load than some others.  I did like the quality of video that Democracy provided.  I was watching my Video podcasts with iTunes but it decided it would rather blue-screen over playing content.

As of when I installed the application, it had only 85 users and appeared to be an underground app.  This means it was not yet in the catalogue of applications that have the partial Facebook seal of approval.

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