Friday, June 1, 2007

SSSC Freshman Game Night

I can't resist, I have to post a response to the blog entry Travis just posted. First I suggested that he blog about it (the freshman game night for orientation) and suddenly he replies to my my Facebook wall where I suggested it post saying he already did.

His entry was: SSSC Society Game Night Numero Dos
(Side note to Travis, your welcome for the Technorati rank increase)

Travis covered the drama but I have to tell the story of what he said while he was on the phone. Myself and Mary were covering the play by play of his conversation on the phone with the DPS office, it was quite entertaining. I won't tell the entire story, but Travis needed buildings to be unlocked and they were not cooperating because we were not in their schedule. (In the end it was resolved and everything worked out.)

The first person he talked to he pulled out (approximately) the following line while trying to get the buildings unlocked:

I hope we can resolve this issue so that the freshmen never knew it even came up.

Awesome! That was such a one two punch. However, when he moved on to the second person, he wasn't as slick with the words.

Overall the game night was amazing. The networking with the freshmen went awesome. It's late so I'll cut this post short even though I probably have more to say about the subject.


Travis said...

This blogging thing interrupts my sleep.


Travis said...

Oh. And whats Technorati?

I think my Geek Cred just decreased a tad...

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