Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Abandoning my iPhone for Android?

I purchased an iPhone 3G shortly after it was released. It was my first smart phone and my experience has been something of a love hate relationship. See What I like about my iPhone 3G and What I hate about my iPhone 3G. While there is nothing wrong with my phone, it has survived undamaged, I have the urge to upgrade. I have a problem with gadgets and need to move onto something new.

My current collection of mobile gadgets includes my iPhone 3G, my Zune 80, and an iPod Touch that gets no use. I use my Zune for podcasts, but would be willing to move to another device if it was better than what I currently use. I really should sell my iPod Touch or give it to someone as a present. Just to throw this into the mix, I don't have any plans to buy an iPad but a good Android table would be hard to resist.

The Nexus One phone purchased unlocked from Google that works on AT&T costs $529. That is a lot of money, but since it does not come with a contract I am willing to pay that price. For how much I use my phone, cost is not a factor.

It really comes down to the decision of what phone to buy. Right now I am thinking about clicking the checkout button on the Nexus One and jumping ship over to the Android platform. This is partially motivated by my desire to develop mobile applications.

Is the Nexus One the right choice for me? If I don't get a good argument against the Nexus One I'll hand over the cash.

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