Monday, April 19, 2010

Thunder over Louisville 2010

Not only do I attend Thunder every year now, I blog about it (Thunder 2008 & Thunder 2009).

Just to get all of the linking out of the way first all of my photos are in my Flickr Thunder over Louisville 2010 set and in three Facebook albums: Facebook Thunder over Louisville Album 1 of 3, Facebook Thunder over Louisville Album 2 of 3, and Facebook Thunder over Louisville Album 3 of 3.

I really wish I had time to compose a more detailed blog post, but being the last week of classes means I am crunched for time. Instead, here are some of my favorite pictures:


I have a lot of really good pictures from the air show this year. The weather was perfect for taking pictures!

A historical prospective of our military

Almost looks like something out of a movie

We had to stand there for a few minutes to get the picture, but it was worth it.

I shot fully manual this year for my pictures and remembered my tripod. I think they turned out better than previous years.

Some more more fireworks...

And even more fireworks...

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