Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Podcasts: How I do miss them...

Last Saturday night I upgraded my Tablet to Windows Vista. As a result I have been having to spend every waking moment fighting with compatibility problems. Most of the serious problems are driver related (my printer, scanner, and camera. The camera now works) but one software error has arisen.

Getting to the point of this post, iTunes crashes when I try to play video podcasts! This is very upsetting because about half of the content I watch comes from a podcast. The following is a list of podcasts that I actually watch regularly. (I'll leave off the audio ones because they have been working).

I have been without my shows for almost... well, just a few days now. It's not to say that I don't have other ways of watching my shows, it is just that iTunes was always my favorite. I did try using Democracy for a while but it crashed (under XP) and was not able to really play audio podcasts along side me videos.

It is not that I do not have other ways to get my podcasts, every website host them so you can view each episode in the browser. Also, I could just open the files that iTunes downloaded with another program such as VNC. However, its still not the super easy way they iTunes provided when I was under XP.

To be quite honest I am not even sure if it will crash if I try to play one again. The last two times it bluescreened and was rebooting within a few seconds (but the boot process took the normal two minutes). I might try again, but when I do I'll just be expecting another bluescreen.
Hopefully Apple releases a new version soon, although the current version claimed to be compatible with Vista.

In the mean time, I will probably just watch my shows in a browser. It won't kill me but I sure do miss the higher quality video iTunes provided.


Andrew Baron said...

Hi Jared, not sure if you will enjoy this interface though there is a Rocketboom for Vista option here:

I havent tried it myself yet, though I heard it works well.


Unknown said...

Sad new, I run Vista Business Edition because it was free and therefore I don not have the Media Center. Although thanks for the advice. If I ever upgrade to Ultimate I will be sure to use it.

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