Sunday, April 29, 2007

Internet: Oh the joy of colors

I've been having fun playing with the colors of my blog for the past few hours. I've settled on shades of red (obviously) but I am not quite sure if I like the current setup. I do like how it has the checkerboard type style in the upper corners but as for the main body of the blog, i think there is a bit too much red. I have links set to red and my Google Ads are currently red. I think the two prior need to be a different color to help set them apart form everything else. The obvious choice would be blue but I am not sure if I want them to be the default color.

I should probably update my default picture to the left as well. It has the blue border built in since I started with a default template and the color scheme was all blue. That might happen later today. I was also promised a new profile picture within a week or two by Cassie, who also drew my current profile picture. Hopefully that will come through. I'll probably post again about tech stuff in my next post. Now that I have written it down hopefully it comes true.

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