Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Computer: Removing U3 Launch Pad

I was never a fan of the U3 Launch Pad even when I used XP. All it resulted in was asking me to launch Skype a second time when I put it into my computer. It also would take over a minute to recognize in a new computer. All I really use it for, since I always have my tablet with me, is transferring files to and from other computer. I never really used the feature, to be honest I rarely even used the drive.

Fast forward to now when I am running Vista, the U3 software no longer launches! Good news, right? Well, not exactly... It is good in the fact that it is not there, except when I put it into an XP or Windows 2000 computer. I even tried reformatting the drive. The software was actually gone, until it was put into Steven's computer to test it out. Just like a terminator, it slowly reformed until, yes, the U3 Launch Pad was once again.

After some quick looking around on the web I was pointed, go figure, to the manufacturer's website where they provide a utility for removal:
"Wait! You're about to throw out the part that makes your drive smart."
- Oh well, intelligence isn't everything

After clicking the link at the bottom, it asked for some information (that I did not provide) and allowed me to download the removal utility. What took me by surprise was that the utility actually functioned under Vista and successfully removed the software from the drive, forever!

I am now happily testing out the drive using ReadyBoost instead of using my 1GB SD card. I really can't tell a difference yet but the fact it should be faster and is double the size should help, at least a little.

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