Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Google I/O 2012 Predictions

This will be my second Google I/O conference and I am very, very excited.  Last year I predicted that the giveaway was going to be an Android Tablet + Chrombook but I did not put it in writing.  This year I am going to write down my predictions.  I am obviously going to base these off of the various news and leaks that I have seen on the internet, but here is what I think.

First, the Nexus 7 is almost guaranteed.  The specs that have leaked seem reasonable and overall it looks like good hardware.  It will not drag like the Kindle Fire and will be a great showcase for tablet optimized Android apps.  My biggest complaint is that the 7 inch form factor seems a little off for me.

The thing that I want the most is Project Glass.  While it is probably not that likely that they will be giving developers hardware this week (I can still hope) I think it makes sense.  If they are going to launch the product next year, giving developers 6 months to work on building apps seems about the right amount of time to get a platform off the ground.

Not falling into the category of a prediction, but more of a dream, I would like to see the self the driving Google car.  I would like a picture of myself in the drivers seat.  Seems silly considering it is a self driving car, but I can have my nerd fantasies.

Overall looking at the conference Android is going to be HUGE, but Google+ and Google Drive are going to probably steal the show.  It seems like App Engine is going to be played down and there is likely going to be some questions regarding the rampant deprecation of developer focused tools and raising (then lowering) of prices on APIs. I have already marked down the sessions that I definitely want to go to, but I am most interested in the sessions that have not been announced yet and will not be released until after the keynote addresses.

I will be sure to post more as the week goes on!

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