Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Crazy Enough to Change the World

I don't like the iPhone, but I owned and used a iPhone 3G for two years. I don't like Macs, but I grew up using one and own one now. As a technologist I dislike the technical foundation that the products are built on. There are so many small things that drive me crazy as a developer.

None of the technical considerations mattered to Steve Jobs. It was never about the technology, it was always about the people. He realized that it wasn't about the megahertz or mega pixels, it was how it worked and how it looked.  Technology was only the enabler. Steve Jobs raised the bar for everyone creating products and at the same time moved society forward.

Apple was an experiment in what would happen if you actually had one person that was willing to make the final decision. He may not have always been correct, but he thought he was and stood behind his decisions.

The question I ask myself and I believe everyone should ask is, "By doing this am I making the world a better place?" You really can't know the actual answer to the question till after the fact. Mr. Jobs, the answer for you is yes.

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