Monday, November 2, 2009

What is Wrong with Windows 7?

I am very, very disappointed in Windows 7. As an early adopter, I was not able to have an enjoyable beta experience. Unfortunately, experience has remained the same through the release candidate and the final version.

I'll document why Windows 7 is such a bad operating system and an even worse Microsoft product:

Windows simply will not crash or cause me any major problems. It simply works! This is simply unacceptable from a Microsoft product. Consumers have come to expect a certain quality of service, and this product is not delivering.

In Microsoft's defense, I have had a few problems. There were some missing drivers during the early part of the beta, but these did not really affect me in any noticeable way. However, on a fresh install Windows 7 manages to find all of the drivers I need using Windows Update, installing them without any need for intervention. I enjoyed searching obscure manufacturer sites for mislabeled drivers. What am I going to do with all of this free time you have given to me?

I have had some programs lock up, but it would be hard to blame Windows 7 on this, they probably would have locked up if I was running Windows Vista or XP. When something does crash, it simply re-launches itself in the exact state I left it in. This is definitely not an optimal waste of my time.

Recently I did have a standby session crash (this is when your computer is in standby and it shuts down improperly and reboots. However, this has only happened once in Windows 7, I would have at least experienced this 2 or 3 times in Vista. It even sent an error report on the problem back to your home base so you can analyze the problem. If you know about the problem then it will be easier for you to fix! Not cool...

Fortunately, there are still the occasional wireless problems, but like Vista they can be automatically fixed by selecting "Troubleshoot problems." It seems that this works a higher percentage of the time than it did under Vista. Again, this is another instance of Microsoft going in the wrong direction. I would recommend you simply change this button to bring up a progress bar that simply never stops loading, similar to how it functioned under Windows Vista.

The only thing I have to look forward to is a beta release of Windows 8, which will hopefully be a buggy product that causes lots of problems with existing software. Even more exciting, it may not work with existing drivers! However, with this release being a year or two away, I do not know what I will do until then. I'll just have to rough it out using Windows 7 until some buggier product is made available.

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