Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Horrible Turn

When it comes to the future of the entertainment industry, Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Blog was years ahead of its time. To this date, the only music I have purchased on iTunes was the soundtrack to Dr. Horrible. When looking at the entertainment industry, more money does not mean better quality. It is only appropriate that this short film has prompted a follow up project.

It was Dr. Horrible on Twitter who tipped me off to the unauthorized prequel of the amazing internet musical. Horrible Turn is a fan made short movie that explores the high school lives of our favorite characters of the sing along blog.

The movie is a filled with nonstop allusions that will make any Dr. Horrible fan smile. There are enough that the movie is worth a second look just to catch all of them. Not only does the film build the foundation for the main characters quirks, but it explains how Billy transitioned to Dr. Horrible and how Captain Hammer became... well Hammer he was never a very nice guy.

It is worth watching after the credits as there is a ballad to Captain Hammer from an unexpected character. It is probably the best song in the entire movie. At the very end there is a blooper reel that is just incredible and really makes the move truly wonderful.

Horrible Turn from Horrible Turn on Vimeo.

To everyone that worked on the move, great job! I really enjoyed it.

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