Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Spore will be my downfall

I have so much work to do and Spore has been calling my name. Over the weekend I had a ton of time to play it and made it to the Space phase, but not very far into it.

I've been having fun playing but it ends up the Cassie has a little more time than me to play. However, she is just to the civilization phase.

You can check out my Spore Profile and my Spore Achievements if you are interested.

The game is awesome but I've been having some trouble with it crashing. Specifically, crashing when I save my game. Obviously this has made me fairly upset when I've lost a fair amount of progress. As a result I've been saving fairly often. I just wish the game had an auto save feature that could be enabled. I understand why it doesn't come with it turned on, but I would definitely enable that just so I wouldn't lose progress. I'd rather it keep progress that I didn't want than lose progress that I spent hours making. Just my thought.

My first main species is called Bar and is from the planet Foo. I wasn't that creative. I used buildings and vehicles from Sporepedia for the civilization phase. It was really nice to have a wide variety of choices that looked very nice for me to choose form.

The next thing I want to do is use some of the Sporecasts people have made to make my on themed plant. I'm also looking forward to becoming more powerful as a space faring species.

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