Sunday, September 14, 2008

And the Wind Blows

I'm trapped. Literally!

Well, not exactly. I can cut through the guys apartment below me to get outside, but the tree in front of my apartment just fell over, bocking the front door!

I managed to get outside, which I wouldn't recommend to anyone, to move my car. Here are a few of the pictures that I managed to get with my iPhone. If I was crazy I might go outside with my good camera and take a few high resolution ones just for fun. However, I think I'll wait until the wind dies down some before risking bodily harm.

This is the tree that fell, it isn't huge but it takes up the entire front yard.

This is the path up to the front door. It isn't passable.

This is what it looks like from my front door. You might be able to climb your way out, but it wouldn't be fun.

Right now I've managed to not lose power or internet. :D My car hasn't taken any damage besides the debris that is hitting it. However, in the neighborhood around my apartment there are several, very large, trees that are down and power and traffic signals are down too. There are also a few close call with several trees that almost fell on top of some cars.

I really didn't expect this today.

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