Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Attending Google I/O 2011

When I first had the idea that I could attend Google I/O this year, I looked up how fast tickets sold out in 2010. It took over a month. This year, it sold out in less than an hour. What happened is Google's conference registration server (it was not actually a Google server) was overloaded with all of the people that were trying to grab one of these coveted tickets. Somehow, after a very stressful period where it seemed like I had missed the registration window, I managed to dig into my browser history and complete the registration process. One student ticket to Google I/O 2011!

I have watched almost every video from the previous two conferences so I have a fairly good idea what to expect. This conference will definitely be an awesome experience along with my first time in California. I am most excited to learn about the new developments with Android now that it is on phones, tablets, and TVs. While the tickets probably sold out so quickly because of the two free phones that attendees received last year, I'm not attending because of the possibility of free stuff. While I would be thrilled to be provided an Android tablet, especially since I can no longer afford to buy one, I'm not going to make any assumptions.

Having developed applications for Android and Google App Engine, it will be awesome to be around other developers and see what other people are doing. I may even get to meet some of the Internet celebrities that I have been following for so many years.

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