Monday, March 8, 2010

NAESC 2010 Best Website:

Every now and then the hard work that I do gets recognized. I was not able to attend this year's NAESC National conference in Austin Texas, but I did apply for the best publication / website. As it turns out, we won! So I don't have to explain everything, here is our application we turned in to the conference:

1. Describe the publication or web site's purpose, audience, and design.

The Speed School Student Council website serves as the main public face for the council. The main components for the website include individual member history, a list of events and descriptions, a calendar of events, a photo gallery, and council documents. The website uses the Drupal content management system to provide an easy to use navigation structure for browsing all of the content. A new addition to the website is historical meeting minutes dating back to 1948. These newly digitized records amounting to 1,900 pages of content that are now available. Newly created documents are managed in Google Docs and embedded directly in the website. This allows for easy collaboration and a much easier interface for members to modify and update the content.

2. What is the value of the publication or web site?
The biggest innovation of the SSSC website is the attendance records, committees, and achievements. The information displayed on the website is obtained from a web based application called Student Council Attendance (, an open source application developed by a member of SSSC. All of the members of the council are tracked using this system. Attendance at meetings is taken and automatically made available on the website. This includes automated reporting as members fall into bad standing. Committees and their members are also tracked and available on the website. A fun aspect of the website is Council Achievements, which are based off of achievements awarded in video games. Members are awarded achievements for serving on the council and doing various tasks, including attending major events.

3. Please link to a digital copy or image of the publication or the web site.

One of our amazing freshman, Jeremy Bozarth, gave a presentation on how we use our website to promote our council and encourage involvement. Our website has a wide number of features that are not present on many other council's websites. While I have not heard all of the details yet, my understanding is the attendance for the presentation was very high and it was an amazing presentation!

Here are the slides from the presentation:

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