Friday, September 11, 2009

An Open Source Semester

This semester I have already expressed that I am swamped with school/work, but so far have been having fun. As a small distraction I have a few interesting facts to share. I have determined that on a weekly basis I will be coding in five programming languages. They are:

  1. PHP for Student Council's Website and any other web code I decide I "need" to write
  2. C# for my CECS 550 project and the DPX software I am developing
  3. Java for my CES 220 class
  4. Assembly language for my ECE 412 class
  5. Objective C for my work on the iPhone
Since I've been having so much fun writing all of this code, source code management has become very important to me this semester. While I haven't set up a private system that I really like for code that I do not want to make publically available, I have started using Google Code for a few of my projects.

At this moment, I have three projects that I am working on that are hosted on Google Code. They are:
  1. DyKnow Panel Extractor
  2. Student Council Attendance
  3. Student Educational Arrangement Tool
There are a few other large pieces of software that I have written that I am thinking about releasing open source. The one that it at the top of my list is my Alien Defense game that I wrote for my object oriented class last fall. While it isn't a very fun game, it is almost complete. At the very least it is playable, just not fun. With a lot of re-factoring and some time dedicated to balancing the game difficulty is needed, it would be a fun game if it was finished.

As for SCM, I have a dedicated computer that I have off site and always running that I have set up CVSNT on. However, I do not know if that is the SCM software I will end up using. SVN is probably a better choice. I have tried using GIT, but the lack of integration into some IDEs have kept me away from it. Since my biggest projects are already in an SVN hosted by Google, I will not be rushing to find a solution for myself.

Even though I have a lot of work to do, I am excited to be contributing to open source projects. While these projects are ones that I have started, in the future I will probably try to find some other projects to contribute to.

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