Saturday, March 14, 2009 Version 1.0

This is only my first draft of my new home page ( First off, I will admit it is still really ugly. I'm still working on collecting all of the content that I want to display and haven't put the time into the formatting / CSS that I need to.

My basic goal is to collect a wide variety of RSS feeds based off of all of the services that I commonly use. This includes services such as Digg, Twitter, YouTube and some other web services. Obviously this also includes my blog.

The page is a custom PHP page that relies on MagpieRSS to pull in all of my RSS feeds and then I can simply use the content as arrays and do whatever I want with it. Right now I'm simply displaying the few most recent entries. Overall I feel I'm heading in the correct direction to accomplish what I want.

My other goal is to publish some of my code that I have written for various projects. There are some projects that I have done for my classes that I want to publish some of the source code and others where I will only publish the binaries. The main thing standing in my way now is deciding if I want to make the pages from scratch or use some type of CMS.

I am hoping I'll have enough free time in the next few weeks to make some progress on the projects.

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