Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thunder over Louisville 2008 Fireworks Pictures

I have been taking pictures of fireworks for a few years now (mostly at the WEBN Fireworks in Cincinnati) but this is the first year I have taken pictures using my Canon Rebel XTi.  I have to say, using an SLR is a lot nicer.  I only had my mono-pod (not a tripod) to stabilize the camera so they are a little bit wobbly at times, but they still look awesome.  After deleting some of the particularly bad pictures, I ended up with 404 pictures total from last night.  I've already written a blog post about my long exposure pictures, so this one is dedicated just to those fireworks pictures that I took.  Also, it will be limited to my favorites.


The biggest difference between WEBN and Thunder is the opening. Thunder really starts with a bang!






It really isn't easy to take good pictures of fireworks.  A lot of my pictures look better as thumbnails and don't really look that good at full resolution, but I might be too critical on myself.  I will admit, my XTi really has the detailed settings needed to take good quality pictures.  I was fiddling with the settings the entire time.


I really don't have the time to go through all of my pictures and pick out the really amazing ones.  If you want to look through them all I have them in my Thunder over Louisville 2008 Flickr Set.


Even though this was my first time going to Thunder, I have a feeling I will be going back next year.  It was awesome!

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