Sunday, February 10, 2008

Trying out Twitter

So I thought I'd give Twitter a chance. I'm giving it a chance but I don't know how much use I will actually get out of the service. I already linked Twitter to my Facebook status message and even added the RSS feed to appear right at the top of my Blog.

Twitter works best when all of your friends use it. In my case, almost none of my friends use it. I don't think that will really be a influence for me to stop using the service, since I can easily tie it into my other web applications that I use. I really like having things networked together. When I Digg something, it appears on my Facebook profile and on my Blog. I really like having my actions propagate across multiple locations very quickly.

I haven't activate the phone part of the service yet. I could since I have plenty of text messages to spare each month, but I don't know if I would find it useful yet. I did activate the IM part of the service. I only wish it supported more platforms for messaging.

I will probably give an update eventually on what I think about Twitter. It is a quick way to share things, and I may find it more useful that writing entire blog entries if I want to share a quick thought.

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Travis said...

I've been considering picking it up myself. Alas, I dont use Text Messaging and I don't like the idea of logging in just to make such a change. Integration with my Gtalk status would be an interesting feature, though.

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