Tuesday, January 22, 2008

STUG Website Launched

While this isn't breaking news, it is important enough to mention. More important than mentioning is the linking to the site. Student Tablet Users Group

Here is what is going on. STUG has its own Drupal install for managing everything tablet. Right now the content isn't very strong, but hopefully it will expand as time goes on. However, there are two important things that are already on the site.

First, the Journal Note template for doing EAC homework on a tablet. This is available for download and all of the professors are letting students use this as an alternative to the old paper methods of doing homework.

Next, the first edition of Tablet Tips is posted. While this isn't the best quality production, it does explain how to use the Journal template to do the EAC homework.

The Journals template and the edition of Tablet Tips can be found here.

This is looking to be a very successful semester for STUG.

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