Thursday, July 5, 2007

Vista Reinstall

I gave in, yesterday I finished reinstalling Windows Vista.  I didn't have my new copy of Ultimate so I just reinstalled Business and I'll upgrade to Ultimate when I get my copy.

So far I've been happy with the reinstall because I no longer get bluescreens and I can install drivers without crazy problems (see my previous post).


Anonymous said...

I am having the exact same problems with my drivers, and have been considering a reinstall. How'd it go? Did you have to reinstall software/drivers/anything else all over, or was it all hands off & you lost nothing?

Unknown said...

I did a complete reinstall and backed up and restored all of my documents. I also am still reinstalling my applications because I use so many.

I think my problem was a faulty driver but the problem wasn't going to get better no matter what I would do.

So far I've not bluescreened again. However, I'm being very cautious of what Toshiba drivers I've installed. My strategy is let Windows get as many as possible and I only install the ones that don't work when I try to use them (like wireless).

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